Brunch du bebe

brunch on the deck
Brunch on the deck at Melissa’s place

‘Brunch du Bebe’, Melissa’s baby shower was held last weekend. Yes, you are reading correctly, Melissa and Ben are having a honeymoon baby, due around June 15th.  As you can imagine, we are all very excited. But, she is on strict instructions from her father and me to take things easy, put her feet up and rest as much as possible so as to be on time or preferably late…by  about a week. For you see, prior to the wedding in September, Kenn and I booked a trip to Canada and unfortunately we don’t get back until the 12th June!

Lissa wanted the shower to be at their home and so she didn’t have too much to do, Kenn and I helped where we could. Kenn demonstrated the awesome paper skills, old school primary teachers have and made the bunting in shades of pink and blue as no-one knows whether its a little boy or a little girl yet.

bunting 2
Can’t wait till you arrive baby Gow!

Melissa and Jo created the awesome atmosphere with gauzy ribbons, roses and white linens.

Little details make a difference.

The games were fun. Not surprisingly, Emma guessed the circumference of Melissa’s tummy (She is due three days after Liss) and  fabric painting our singlets allowed some of the guests to showcase their design credentials.( I have none!!!)  Then it was time for brunch.

The food was very tasty and mostly imbued with a French influence. I volunteered to make pink and blue cupcakes and a gluten free orange cake. Now the cupcakes were a breeze  but the orange cake was nearly a disaster! There I was, the night before, happily following my friend Annie’s recipe. I boiled the oranges for two hours, whizzed them in the food processor, added the eggs, sugar and what I thought was 250 grams of almond meal. Dumped the lot in the cake tin and put it into the oven. Deed done I thought. Wrong! I was clearing away and looked at the back of the almond meal pack. I saw to my horror that 250 grams was about 2 and 1/2 cups and I had put only one cup in. I had confused 250 mls with 250 grams!  I looked at the time. The cake had been in the oven for about five minutes. Nothing ventured, nothing gained I thought. I whipped the cake out of the oven, poured the batter back in the bowl and added the extra almond meal. My daughter in law, Kelly assured me that it would be great, just like twice baked camembert! And she was right, the orange cake turned out great … in the end. Others helped as well. Brooke made her wonderful mini quiches and Lissa and Jo whipped up  fabulous fruit and cheese platters, croissants, meringues and mini baguettes. Together with a glass or two of champagne or fruit punch,  it was a veritable feast.

food collage.jpg
Some of the goodies we consumed.

I’ve watched as Melissa and her friends navigated the ups and downs of High School, university, jobs and relationships and now I’m watching as they become mothers to adorable children. And I  loved seeing Genevieve having such a good time. She looked so adorable with her pink bow.

baby g and puppy
Look I have a friend who is helping me with the dishwasher!
baby g-COLLAGE.jpg
That was great Baby G! What are we going to do next?

And of course there were presents. Lots of them! All imbued with love and best wishes for the safe arrival of Bebe Gow.

And to make a great day perfect, Melissa found favour with the weather gods at last and not before time. Could anyone forget the 200 mls of rain which fell the day before her 21st birthday party? Even for Byron, that’s a lot of rain and it turned what was meant to be a summer garden party into a slushy mud fest. Or her wedding day, where outside the church, just as all the family and group photographs were to be taken, the wind attacked, swirling our dresses and  ensuring that our hair took on the Hermione Granger look. Imagine my relief when despite dire predictions of rain showers and wind,  the day was perfect: sunny, not too hot, not too cold. Third time lucky, I guess.

5 thoughts on “Brunch du bebe

    1. Thank you, it was a lovely day. We’re been travelling in Canada and loving it. Not enough time to post while I was away but looking forward to sharing when I’m home in the bay.


  1. I did laugh when I read your post, as I too had a disaster with an orange and almond cake recently! Never try to blog and cook at the same time! The cake had been in the oven 45 minutes and we were washing up after lunch, when my daughter asked, on inspection of a jug, whether I had forgotten to put the whizzed up boiled orange pulp in the cake! Catastrophe!!! She removed it from the oven immediately- it was just starting to burn, as the cake was much drier without the pulp, and we ate it with the orange pulp as a filling and topping. Edible, but not nearly as nice as the real thing! And it did taste very eggy (5 eggs in my recipe)!


    1. So pleased that I’m not the only one who can get distracted! My recipe comes from a friend and also has a lot of eggs. I have used a two egg recipe but it needed an orange syrup. Both recipes have been a success, but the six egg recipe is richer in taste. We have been travelling and I’m just getting organised for blogging again. Always enjoy your posts- very inspirational.


      1. Thank you. That’s really lovely of you. Can’t wait to hear about all your travels!


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