Autumn Garden Surprises

super big fern
After a big pruning session, rediscovered this fern going gangbusters at the back of the garden. 

My garden had morphed into a jungle.  It’s been a long, hot and sometimes very wet summer in Byron Bay and everything in the garden has followed the example of  Jack’s beanstalk: growing…growing…and growing some more. It was a situation made worse by high humidity. As you may have gathered from previous posts,  Kenn and I could best be described as  enthusiastic rather than erudite gardeners. Unfortunately, our enthusiasm wilted like spinach in a stirfry as the humidity climbed,  ensuring  that efforts in the garden  were confined to the occasional lawn mowing effort to provide a line of sight for spotting visiting snakes and assorted reptiles.

But Autumn has arrived. The nights are cooler and the humidity has dropped. Kenn, armed with his pruning shears has attacked the  overgrown shrubbery with a zeal reminiscent of the Texas chainsaw massacre. When he reduced the pink hibiscus by two thirds, we saw that the red frangipani cutting that we had been given two years ago  was flowering  and that the baby stag horn fern was a baby no longer.

red frangipani
What a gorgeous shade of red! Worth waiting for. 
ferns 1
Kenn has a new nickname: the fern whisperer!

The veggie garden was full of weeds that were fence high and a large blue tongued lizard had decided to call this patch, home. Kenn took pity on me, weeding and relocating ‘Bluey’. ( I just don’t seem to have a rapport with anything scaly.) Soon, herbs, snow peas, an espaliered lime tree and silverbeet were able to see the sun, always a good thing for plants! We could see that the passionfruit vine had fruit and lots of flowers.

Just a little riper please.
herbs in the garden
I’ve since added some bok choy and some Greek basil. 

As we mowed, trimmed and weeded, we noticed little spots of colour in the garden. To my surprise, the white Jacaranda was spot flowering.

jacaranda spot flowering
The flowers leave a white carpet on the front lawn

Bird of Paradise made a statement in the front garden, the  Tahitian hibiscus finally had a flower and the pink mandevilla trailing over the side garden arch revealed that it was  indeed, a flowering plant.

bird of paradise
Such a cool flower.
yellow hibiscua
Every flower is a bonus!
pink finally open
It’s only been two years since planting!

But tragedy also hit. We had a lovely  standard daisy bush that didn’t survive the heat and our absences over the summer. A new azalea, chosen from the great range at our local nursery, Eden at Byron,  now takes its place.

new azalea
Here’s hoping that I don’t kill this one too!

So the garden is somewhat tamed … for a while. Have you, like us been busy in the garden?







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