‘Glamping’ in Evans Head

I am a relative  newcomer to ‘Glamping’.  Until recently, my camping  experiences involved a tent, an airbed that hopefully would stay inflated and a sleeping bag.  There were  minimal extras: a little two burner stove, a gas lantern and  a camping table. A lot of baked beans and tinned spaghetti was consumed. I have no champagne memories! But on a recent camping trip to Evans Head, my eyes were opened to a whole new world of camping realities, the world of ‘glamping’

Evans Head is only about 45 mins away from Byron Bay. The group we joined for a long weekend were seasoned glampers. We had waterfront sites at the Silver Sands Caravan Park and soon, remarkable hand crafted camper trailers were being unloaded, tents and tarps erected and kayaks and professional looking fishing gear stowed away.

campground by the river
Waterfront sites on the river at Evans

There was so much to explore and experience. First of all, we had to explore the track along the river, to the breakwater and the beach and test out the surf. The water was clear and very warm for this time of year.

passing the river beach
passing the river beach
surfing beach
surfing beach

Soon, it was time for Happy Hour and a gourmet  barbecue as we watched the tide run out on the river and the pelicans playing. Next morning, I was up early enough to catch the sunrise.  I didn’t have to forego my beauty sleep as daylight saving hadn’t  ended and the sun was kindly rising at 7 am.   The sun peeked through the clouds and then burst over the ocean in amazing colours!

Sunrise over the breakwater
Sunrise over the breakwater
beach sunrise
beach sunrise

Walking back to camp, I noticed that the riverside cafe was open. No need to forego creature comforts while glamping. I thought,  as I appreciatively sipped a large takeaway cappuccino.

Later that day we tested out the 4WD on the sand. You can drive north along the beach for quite a few kms and you don’t need a permit to do so. It’s just you, the sea, the sand and the seagulls and pelicans. Oh and the occasional horse and rider.

Testing out the Prado
Testing out the Prado

We also explored the beautiful Chinaman’s Beach  which is a little to the south of our campsite on the other side of the river. The beach is  perfectly unspoiled and is fringed with amazing aubergine coloured rocks, tangerine, brown and cream striped cliffs and amazing rock pools. I love climbing over and through rock pools. It’s like there a new world just waiting to be discovered by you.  What a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours!

Chinaman's Beach
Chinaman’s Beach

Back at camp, the troops had been busy. A visit to the fishing co-op and Tiger Prawns were on the menu. My baked bean days were over!.

And so the weekend continued. The Kayakers ventured upstream, circumnavigated a small island and let the current bring them back to camp. The fishermen had some success in the surf gutters. Blessed with perfect sunny weather and balmy nights, we swam, ate, walked, ate, fished, ate and drank a …a little. What’s a bottle or two of Pinot Grigio between friends? And I took  the time to catch up on some reading and day dream about the next glamping adventure.

3 thoughts on “‘Glamping’ in Evans Head

  1. Evans Head is where I grew up. My grandparents opened the Pioneer Hotel .It was a family affair during the time when the aerodrome was a training place during the war time. It has always been a wonderful camping holiday place and the beaches and the river inlet speakers for itself. I can tell heaps about the growing of Evans Head and also the interesting people. Wonderful place.


  2. Thank you for sharing snippets of your family history with us. So lovely that it hasn’t changed that much and is still a magical place. I’m new to blogging so special thanks for taking the time to share. It’s made my day, Janice.


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