Coffee Golf

Secretly, for years,  I have had  a vision of myself as a lady golfer. Not the Kari Webb sort of golfer but the casual, carefree sort of golfer who happily swings away down a tree lined fairway, greets the local wildlife as  they leisurely stroll by and tests their  putt putt skills in the real world.  A golfer who plays consistently enough not to feel intimidated in the presence of those who can really whack the ball and speak knowingly of hazards and back swings.  But alas, while I was working, the vision never materialised, indeed at times it vaporised!  While time always posed a problem: there was never a spare weekday morning where I could attempt to make my vision a reality, there was also my inner acknowledgement of my limited athletic ability. Although my legs and arms do work, my early experiences on the hockey field had left a dent in my self confidence – I vividly remember running for my life, as a mad teammate, hockey stick raised  above her head, chased after me just because I had messed up her goal.  Abandoning sport, I turned to the arts. However, even here my coordination was suss. My  attempts at ballet resulted in a rendition of the Dance of the Dying Duck not Swan Lake

So, as you can imagine, it was with some trepidation that I agreed to join my friend Annie and participate in a beginners’ golf course. There we met our instructor, Nicole Dicken or Nicky to her friends. Nicky is a AAA rated coach but more importantly, she has the ability to see and appreciate the sometimes small improvements  you are making and instill belief. Belief that you will improve, that you are a valuable member of the group and that Golf  is a game that should be fun. Annie and I were hooked and we graduated to ‘Coffee Golf’.

Nicky runs a clinic most Tuesday mornings  at Mullumbimby Golf Course and all are welcome. Just contact the Golf Club on 0266842273 for further details.

Mullumbimby Golf Course
Mullumbimby Golf Course – view from the club house overlooking the 9th hole.

There, in a group setting, under her watchful eye, we practice hitting targets using different clubs, chipping and putting.

Chipping Mania
Chipping Mania!

After slogging for an hour, we return to the club house for coffee. There, overlooking the garden, we relax and regroup.

Cannas in the garden leading to the 10th hole.
Canna lillies in the garden leading to the 10th hole.

Refreshed, it’s time for our game. We could play up to nine but usually call it a day after about five. There are many laughs, groans and mini triumphs as we make our way around the course. I take pleasure in little things – a drive off the tee that doesn’t hit the hazard or the trees, landing on the edge of the bunker and not in it, being able to spot my ball in the murky waters of the ponds and making a putt from the edge of the green. I tell myself., like Toad in Wind in the Willows, that,’ it’s all fun and excitement.’

A wonderful morning spent, Annie and I make our way home to Byron and dream of golfing adventures to come. Playing Teven, Byron, Ballina …. Augusta?

One thought on “Coffee Golf

  1. Enjoyed the post Margaret. Had to check twice to realise that was me in your photo. Looked like a “golfer”.


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