Lazy lagoon days in Byron Bay

It’s been ages since I last wrote a post. But it’s been such fabulous summer so far in the bay that I felt the urge to write and share . Lovely weather and perfect beach conditions were enhanced by the laughter of family and friends and that special magic that sparkles when five grandchildren: three beautiful girls from Sydney and two gorgeous boys from Byron really connect, as only those aged 5 and under can.

Earlier in the season, it looked as if fun times at the beach wouldn’t happen, given the terrible erosion of the dunes along Main Beach caused by a series of big spring storms. But despite the damage, the storms were wonderful to observe. Observe that is from a distance! Back in November, Kenn and I were walking along a sun drenched Wategoes Beach as dark and menacing clouds massed on the horizon appearing to hold their breath while assessing how quickly to strike.

However the storm threat did not deter surfers from enjoying the swell and chilling out.
And the sky was especially beautiful.
While on the beach all was calm before the storm.

Of course, later that afternoon, the storm did reach us and it was terrible to see the erosion it caused. Trees that had lined the beach were uprooted and the rocks exposed. The beach cafe nearly disappeared into the sea and beach access ramps were destroyed.

But as Summer settled in, Mother Nature began to restore the shoreline and in the process, created a beautiful lagoon at the southern end of the beach. Now this isn’t the first time, a lagoon has appeared here, but this has been the most extensive and beautiful one by far, in my opinion. By Christmas Day, the lagoon was the place to be. Carrying umbrellas, beach chairs, towels, sand toys and morning tea, we made our way from Captain Cook’s lookout down to the beach where we met up with Melissa, Ben and the boys. The beach was not deserted by any means but it was not overcrowded either. It felt great actually to be surrounded by so many families. Covid has made us more appreciative I think, of simple pleasures. Whether it be that first refreshing dive into the water, watching two year old Jude launch himself into the water with squeals of delight or accompanying four year old Huddy on a tour of his rock pools, complete with an informative commentary of life within said pools and the proper method for navigating around them, just being there, sharing, in such a beautiful place, was the best.

The lagoon was refreshed daily by the high tide and was just the right temperature for lazing about in the water. There were also very shallow parts, perfect for babies and toddlers.
Early in the summer, the erosion caused by the storms was still very evident. Slabs of the rock shelf were exposed and parts of the beach cut off at high tide.

While the lagoon was beautiful, I have to admit that we did spend time at beaches like Flat Rock near Ballina as well. There are times when only a long beach wander will do.

Such a beautiful beach. Towards the south there is a large rock platform, hence the name ‘Flat Rock’ which is great to explore at low tide.
And dogs are welcome on a leash. Ninja had a blast.

But when Christian and Kelly and the girls arrived from Sydney, the lagoon was the must do daily activity. The girls from Sydney and the boys from Byron hadn’t had much opportunity to get together before this and definitely made the most of the opportunity.

There were Mermaid tails to be made. GG and Frankie’s were great, but Huddy wasn’t too sure about this mermaid stuff while Aunty Melissa’s sculptors knocked off work early.
Free at last! Now for the water!
Jumps with Dad
Swims with Mum
On watch as works of sand art are created
‘No Harriet, It’s done like this’
And what a great walk it is to the Pass and over to the ocean where the waves are just asking to be jumped over!

Over January, we have watched as the lagoon has begun to shrink. Some of the sand which the spring storms dumped into the bay is being pushed north towards Main Beach. However, at the moment, it still beckons us to spend a lazy hour or so floating around. Change is all part of the ebb and flow of beach life. Looking forward to sharing more of the highlights of our Byron Summer.

2 thoughts on “Lazy lagoon days in Byron Bay

  1. What a lovely post, Margaret! I wonder if you remember me from our workshop 6 years ago! I must admit I post when travelling and as that hasn’t happened in 12 months I’ve been a bit slack. We do live in a beautiful part of the world and are so lucky!


    1. Of course I remember you. I’m amazed that we’re still blogging. Like you we were supposed to be traveling last year. Somehow I couldn’t bring myself to write much but hopefully this year will be different for both of us.


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