Pig House Flicks in Byron Bay

Byron’s alternative cinema is a pleasant way to spend a hot or wet afternoon

Until relatively recently, Byron Bay could offer locals and visitors a choice of two cinema venues: a  Palace multi-plex, located  adjacent to the Woolworths supermarket in Johnson St  and the more eclectic Pig House Flicks which is snuggled into the Byron Brewery at 1 Skinners Shoot Rd, Byron Bay.

However, the Palace complex is currently being expanded and rebuilt and won’t be open for some time. So, unless you want to travel to Ballina or further afield to catch the latest block buster, Pig House Flicks is the place to go.

Although  Pig House Flicks   shows the latest releases a week or two after the main release, it offers a unique, relaxing cinema experience. Check out what’s on offer at https://www.pighouseflicks.com.au.   In air conditioned comfort, you can pop a cushion behind your back as you lean back in your two seater lounge  for an unimpeded view of the big screen. Soon we were immersed in the sound and colour of La La Land. I now appreciate why it is in the running for the Oscars. We loved it.

And how many cinemas do you know are located next to a micro- brewery? Fancy a beer after the show? And how many offer a wonderful space for a bite to eat or a funky beer garden where there is always live music to enjoy?

The cafe space has been newly refurbished  and is very inviting. However, we were disappointed that the new owners have chosen to go the upmarket, hipster route in regards to the menu. Their share plates are not generous or unique  enough for the price in my opinion. We miss the old, two for one deals that the Brewery was famous for.

One more thing to note. The cinema is relatively small so if you are hoping to see a popular film, you might like to get there a little early. Pig house flicks have some pleasant waiting areas.

Love all the wood and access to the outdoors.

While I miss some of the films that Palace Cinemas had access to, I  really enjoy seeing a film at the Pig House Flicks. I think you might too.

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