A Golf Adventure along the Tweed River

Isn’t the Coolangatta/Tweed Heads golf course spectacular? Just walking around it, feet cushioned by emerald green turf, taking in the water views and watching the antics of the abundant bird life is enjoyable. However tackling its many challenges was and is a real golfing adventure!  Last week, Annie and Pam and I took on the challenge of the river course at Coolangatta/Tweed Heads Golf Club.  Although we were just playing a social match, this was my first experience  playing on a championship course and I hoped… crossed my fingers and every other appendage … and  … wished … to play well.

 I had a few concerns as my game isn’t quite what I would have hoped it might be by this stage. When I embarked on my golfing journey, I was full of good  intentions:  I promised myself that I would practice my putting at home between weekly visits to the ‘Coffee Golf’ clinic at Mullumbimby Golf Club ( I didn’t make it to double digits),  pay a visit to the local driving range at Ballina (only visited the range to buy Christmas gifts) and  find time to play a few extra games, perhaps at different courses. (I can count the extra games I played in an 18 month period, on one hand!) So predictably, my progress has been slow, painfully tortoise like!  But I thought, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Miracles can happen on a golf course I assured myself and there was always lunch and good company to look forward to, if I was doomed to disappointment.

It was a perfect day for golf, warm and sunny as only the North Coast can be, with very little breeze.  Soon we were out on the course. Annie and Pam were in Superman mode: their tee shots flying down the fairway like speeding bullets. Mine were more problematical but I persevered and hit a couple that were not too shabby. We discovered that the fairways were so smooth that Annie and Pam in particular were able to hit away with their fairway woods. I was a little more timid and stuck with my irons but all our balls ran and then ran some more. Always an agreeable outcome.

annie at tweed
Annie hitting a great shot  missing the water and the bunker


 Even when I inevitably found the rough, to my surprise, it  was relatively smooth and for once, I hit out easily.  But as we approached the greens, we understood why Nicky, our golf pro, had made us  practice targets with our nine irons and pitching wedges again and again and again.  Every green was surrounded by water and sand!  A lot of sand!  Luckily, each  of us only lost only one ball to the water and generally missed the sand. Yes, it was up, up and away for us.

course hazards
I know what those bunkers are thinking: I’m going to get you!


The course is quite long and there is a fair distance between some holes, but the view you have of the river is worth the trek but I can understand why many choose to cart it.


walking between holes admiring the river
The Tweed River


All too soon, our game was over and it was time for lunch and a well deserved cappuccino at the Golf Club. Alas our day had come to an end. The highway beckoned and before too long, we were home in Byron Bay. Tweed, watch out! In the words of Arnie, ‘We will be back!’


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