Swimming in the Bay

The weather is perfect for swimming at the moment. Sunny, humid and hot. The crystal blue water  of the bay  beckons swimmers into its cool embrace. There,  in waist deep water, I float and splash about. Occasionally, very occasionally I catch a wave and ride it to shore.  Heat disappears as my body chills down. It’s lovely, really lovely.

Relaxing under the umbrella, soaking up the smell of salt, sunscreen and hot chips,  I watch as some intrepid souls swim across the bay. Out where you can’t stand up. Out where things, with fins, swim. I can’t make myself do it. Not when I can swim without being nibbled, in what has to be one of the most scenic public swimming pools in Australia,  the Byron Bay Memorial Pool.

view across the main pool IMG_20160215_141409
Looking across the 50 meter pool to the ocean

The pool is located at the top of Johnson St, adjacent to Main Beach and overlooks the bay. Like me, there are many who come to the pool to swim laps. There are always three or four lanes set out for this purpose.

plenty of lanes for serious swimmers
There are designated lanes to suit all swimming abilities

Usually you’ll have to share a lane with others. When this happens, I don my flippers, content to complete my session with a freestyle workout. But sometimes you can be lucky and have a lane all to yourself.

my lane awaits me
Doesn’t this look inviting?

Then,  I can attempt a  backstroke lap or two without inflicting a concussion on some poor, unsuspecting soul or if you swim breaststroke in a manner and at a speed  resembling a galapagos  tortoise, as I do, then you won’t hold others up. You can take as long as you like swimming a lap or resting between laps or indeed in the middle of a lap. No one will know!

As well as a 50 meter pool there is a babies pool and a beginner’s pool. Consequently, the pool is very popular with families of younger children. I notice lots of young mums, relaxing with a coffee from Fishheads, watching on as their children play or have swimming lessons.

Entry to the pool is on the left hand side of the cafe.


The beginner’s pool has a wonderful view of the Bay
baby's pool
Little ones love splashing about in the shade.

After your swim, you might like to relax for a while.

relaxing seating
Have you left that sun lounger for me?

Perhaps meet friends at the Top Pub for lunch. But wait, you tell me,  you’re wearing eau de chlorine!  Nothing to worry about. The change rooms are more than adequate for a quick transformation and for an extra 50 cents you can even have a hot shower!  Or perhaps like me, you might just like to double dip: into the pool and then the ocean. It’s right there, waiting!

Our local pool is a great resource. Greg and his team do a wonderful job maintaining it for all of us. This season, entry is $4.00 for adults, less for children and pensioners.

Hope to see you there.





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