Classic Byron Beach Walk

Have you noticed how a change in the weather makes the familiar, unfamiliar? And waiting to be explored anew!  It’s misty and a little drizzly as  I stroll out on my version of Byron’s Lighthouse walk; a walk which maximizes photo, conversational and coffee stop opportunities without  leaving one dripping with sweat and  gasping for breath, in dire need of  resuscitation and a cold shower.

Leaving the car resting in the Clark’s Beach car park ( it’s always easier to park here and I’m one for a stress free life),  I make my way up Lighthouse Road to the boardwalk and gaze at the bay and check out what’s happening on the beach.Yep,  definitely worth a paddle later.

Shades of grey ... looking good.
Shades of grey … looking good.

I cross the road leading to the Pass and continue along Lighthouse Road a bit further.  Palm Valley to my left, is drippy with tree ferns and palms.

palm valley greeness
palm valley greenness

I walk until I see the crossing sign and head up the road to the lighthouse. It is always cool and shady here. I could be trekking through Middle Earth!  Often I spot hang gliders here, but not today.

the winding road
the winding road

At last, the Lighthouse beckons. Pit stop. Today it is just water but tomorrow it might be coffee and cake from the cafe … or an ice cream … or ….

Down the steps to Wategoes Beach and up and over the hill to the Pass. There are exactly 46 steps to climb. (I have been reliably informed by my personal font of all knowledge, my husband, Kenn.) I  trudge, I count,  I lose count and I trudge slowly, very slowly over the hill. Are there only 46? Surely it’s more! It feels like a lot more. I notice that the sky is clearing and the sun is coming out. Below the beach beckons.

Beach path at the Pass
Beach path at the Pass

Shoes off and a short splash  back to Clark’s. I do not give into temptation and stop at the Pass Cafe or the Beach Cafe. Rather, I dig my toes into the sand and the sea and dream.


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