Kitten has new family gasping!

I am ready to be admired
I am ready to be admired!

Our latest addition to the family, little Calico, is exceptional in every way.  She is a pure bred rag doll kitten who already knows that she is stunningly beautiful. Although only fourteen weeks old, she seems very happy to  lounge on a cushion and be admired by all and sundry. She has an engaging, gentle purr and loves to snuggle.

She likes to practise her hunting skills on her scratching pole and she is very determined to demolish a microwave box that Kenn has thoughtfully added to my living room decor.

It's here somewhere, I know it is!
It’s here somewhere, I know it is!
callie creeping
I will get it, I will.
callie playing
Take that, you pesky … exactly  what kind of mouse are you?







But she is clearly related to Superwoman. She is able to leap prone humans at a single bound and run faster than  a speeding bullet when I want to put her to bed. I have never  spent so much time under my dining table in cobra pose, something that will please my yoga teacher I’m sure. I am sneezingly aware of my housekeeping shortcomings.

You’ll never catch me under here

But sometimes Callie clearly wants the place to herself. You can see her plotting as she stretches out her paws. Her eyes glaze over like that baby in the Mammia disposable nappy ads and … she lets loose. The most incredible aroma wafts towards us. It is the most excruciating smell I have ever encountered in my life. Definitely a Eureka moment!  They say nerve gas is bad! Give me the trenches any day! We run outside closing the door to prevent an escape. We fill our lungs with life giving air and gaze back at Callie. She is smirking at us while she surveys her kingdom with satisfaction.

backyard 2
We could put the tent in the corner … maybe?

Kenn and I begin to panic. Will we have to live in a tent in the backyard? Then the pet shop and Google come to our aid. Confinement in the laundry and the provision of new soft, fluffy paper kitty litter entice Callie to adopt the feline cleanliness code. Co-habitation is now possible.

Life should be purrfect from now on.